Can MicroQuarz be applied to underfloor heating?

Of course it can. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation. As long as you comply with the five important conditions that must be taken into account before starting the installation, which are that the subfloor must be hard, stable, smooth, level and free of damp.

With these conditions, MicroQuarz can be installed on a
of underfloor heating.

If the work is new, you have to proceed with a previous protocol before the installation, which is called the floor heating protocol. You have to enable the temperature of the underfloor heating slab for three days at the beginning and then three days of lowering. In other words, you turn the heating on gradually for the first three days and the next three days you turn it down gradually.

During this period of time the floor will expand for the first time.

For the first time the subfloor will expand and it is possible that cracks will appear. This is why this protocol is very important before application, so that when the first expansion takes place, it is not later and you may have a cracking problem as a result of this first expansion.


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