Is MicroQuarz resistant to humidity?

 Is MicroQuarz resistant to humidity?

MicroQuarz is waterproof and is resistant to moisture that may fall on it. In other words, you can put it in a shower, you can put it in a shower tray, you can put it outdoors, on exterior walls to waterproof the walls.

But it is not resistant to rising damp, the damp that comes from the substrate can cause detachments or cracks. Therefore, if your damp problem comes from the substrate, we advise against the installation, unless you carry out a specific treatment to eliminate this damp that may come from the substrate.

There are 2 types of damp:

Positive humidity, which is humidity that is present and can be removed.
Phreatic or rising damp. This is the most complex and we advise against installing the product if you have this problem, because the only solution that stops rising damp is insulation. It is a very complex work that has to be solved with a plastic sheet that can be laid, which prevents the rise of humidity from the ground and then the creation of another base paving on top of it. We advise against the installation of MicroQuarz when you have this specific case of humidity.

On the other hand, when there is positive moisture, there are vapour barriers and there are stone coatings that can stop this residual moisture.

Types of MicroQuarz

What are the types of MicroQuarz microcement?

MicroQuarz comes in 3 versions: MicroQuarz Classic, MicroQuarz Nature and MicroQuarz Hard Transit.

MicroQuarz Classic is a type of decorative coating with which you can achieve smooth, even or watermarked effects on floors, walls or ceilings. Matt, gloss or metallic finishes.

MicroQuarz Nature is a decorative coating that leaves a very natural surface with a polished concrete look, with which you can really create amazing designs with a natural look and design. It is also available in different colours.

So you can give a little bit of free rein to your imagination when it comes to creating a design with MicroQuarz Nature, you can also embed some kind of logo or some kind of design, like a stencil, a stencil to make your designs or your walls or your floors look more spectacular.

Hard Transit is a coating intended primarily for outdoors or for situations that require higher traffic and therefore higher resistance. Such as in shops or offices.

It has a slightly rougher textured appearance than MicroQuarz Classic, but the resistance is higher.

Is it possible to coat a piece of furniture with MicroQuarz?

Can a piece of furniture be covered with MicroQuarz?

Yes, you can cover a piece of furniture with our MicroQuarz microcement.
It is a coating that adheres perfectly to substrates such as wood, plaster, concrete, tile, ceramic…

So you simply have to have the structure formed for the furniture.
You can make a piece of furniture or a wooden piece of furniture or a piece of furniture from a cladding and coat it with MicroQuarz. And you simply don’t need anything else.


What is the MicroQuarz guarantee?

 What is the MicroQuarz guarantee?

MicroQuarz has an initial guarantee of 2 years, which can be extended to 5 years if you contract a project and contract our personalised follow-up.

We have a team of technicians who guide the installer and generate a daily intervention plan for the work. This control means that we can extend the initial 2-year guarantee to 5 years for the product.

On the other hand, you have the installation guarantee that you must manage with the installer.
In this case, the installer also has a guarantee period.
In this way, you can obtain a set of warranty, product warranty and installation warranty.

Can MicroQuarz colours be combined on the same surface?

Can MicroQuarz colours be combined on the same surface?

Of course you can combine different MicroQuarz colours, there is no problem in mixing colours in the same MicroQuarz microcement application.

You can use different shades of grey or different shades of brown with yellow, with other colours that can be combined during application and you can generate different effects.

You can create patterns, shapes or textures and delimit the surface you want to apply with another colour. The combination of colours is possible and you can create real works of art.

Surprise your customers with unique and personalised works of art.

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