MicroQuarz does it cracks?

No, MicroQuarz does not crack, it is a product that has a very high flexural strength coefficient, so it does not crack by itself.

When does a microcement crack or when does a continuous adhered coating crack? When the substrate is not well prepared.

We have a methodology, a user’s manual for installers to comply with the 5 essential steps they have to carry out before installation. These are: find a substrate that is hard, stable, level if you need to apply a product that requires levelling, smooth and free of moisture.

If the substrate meets these 5 requirements, then MicroQuarz will not crack because it is completely bonded to the substrate.

If your substrate does not meet any of these requirements, the installer can fix it, can take some action on the substrate to repair it or to condition it so that it can be made available.

Therefore, if you have checked these 5 points before starting the installation, you will not have any problems.

It is up to the professional installer to check that the support complies with these requirements or to condition the support so that these 5 points are perfectly solved before starting the installation.


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