What are the types of MicroQuarz microcement?

MicroQuarz comes in 3 versions: MicroQuarz Classic, MicroQuarz Nature and MicroQuarz Hard Transit.

MicroQuarz Classic is a type of decorative coating with which you can achieve smooth, even or watermarked effects on floors, walls or ceilings. Matt, gloss or metallic finishes.

MicroQuarz Nature is a decorative coating that leaves a very natural surface with a polished concrete look, with which you can really create amazing designs with a natural look and design. It is also available in different colours.

So you can give a little bit of free rein to your imagination when it comes to creating a design with MicroQuarz Nature, you can also embed some kind of logo or some kind of design, like a stencil, a stencil to make your designs or your walls or your floors look more spectacular.

Hard Transit is a coating intended primarily for outdoors or for situations that require higher traffic and therefore higher resistance. Such as in shops or offices.

It has a slightly rougher textured appearance than MicroQuarz Classic, but the resistance is higher.

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